Saturday, July 29, 2006

The View From the Gauteng Legislature Building

It's a funny thing, the New South Africa. After taking over the old Johannesburg City Hall complex and turning it into the legislative assembly for the new 'Gauteng' province (essentially the old Witwatersrand region), presumably to make it pride of place for the province, they seemed to have forgotten what is all around them.. When one stands directly in front of the Legislature building, this is the view one has to the north (note the flagpoles!)

And below, a closeup of the view:

And below this is view one has to the east, or directly in front of you (the old Rissik Street Post Office. In 2003, the building, which has been empty since 1996, had its clock hands, bell and the entire copper dome stolen.) Below, some close-ups;

And below, this is the view one has to the south, I think it was a department store in the 'bad" old days, but now it's just another empty ruin, partially occupied by squatters.